February Edition

Think Infographics…

Welcome to the March edition of O magazine, a monthly showcase of creative technologies, techniques and ideas. Designed to inspire marketing and communications professionals everywhere, each edition will focus on one creative discipline and show how it can be used to good effect across print, online and digital. This month we look at the power of infographics and how they can really bring data, messages and stories to life.
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infographics explainer video for Datum by Ouno Creativeinfographics website by Ouno Creativeinfographics 3D animation, infographic poster for Nasa by Ouno CreativeInfographics, prezi presentation by Ouno CreativeInfographics by Ouno Creative, HampshireInfographics, touchscreen app infographic presentation by Ouno Creative

Explainer Videos

Internet users expect a more interactive experience when viewing web pages and often will judge a company based on how up-to-date the technology they are using on their site is. This has led to a growing number of companies using explainer videos as a quick and engaging way of showcasing the services they provide. An explainer video is an animated infographic that is around 1-2 minutes long and is designed to make even quite complex services, processes or operations as easy-to-understand as possible. This video usually sits on the homepage of your website so that it is one of the first things visitors can view. It can also be uploaded to YouTube for sharing via social networks. These videos contain animated infographics in a style chosen to best represent your brand and, along with music and sound effects, usually have a friendly voice-over narration. The graphics we create can also tie in to existing brand elements or be used to create new ones. Ouno Creative can produce great looking infographic explainer videos for you. Simply supply us with the raw information and the visual style you’d like plus a full brief and our talented design team will immediately start to work 
their magic. 
We create each animation to existing brand guidelines and can meet the even the tightest of deadlines. For an example of our work, check out our own explainer video above. Also view our latest explainer video for Datum Datacentres here.

Infographics for Web

Responsive HTML infographic created for STFC


First magazine app embedded into a webpage


First magazine app embedded into a webpage


Web-based interactive timeline designed for RAL Space


RAL Space touchscreen presentation: Multiple platform support


Infographic designed for AgustaWestland's intranet

Any website can be dramatically improved with the use of infographics and thanks to the latest versions of HTML, CSS and JavaScript we can now add animation and audio to the infographics to deliver maximum visual impact. Complex data can be presented in phases or as ‘reveals’, or enhanced with diagrams, illustrations or photography. Think fade-in/fade-out effects, scrolling timelines, rollover, maps with hotspots and pop-up info panels and much more. Even the humble animated gif can deliver great results, allowing data to ‘build’ up over a few seconds. Powerful animation tools Ouno Creative use the powerful Adobe Edge Animate software to create stunning HTML animations that can be viewed across all browsers. Which means your animated infographics will be viewable on tablets and smartphones as well as on PCs and laptops. Result! We love the sophisticated animations you can get with this software – and you will too. Web animation is exploding right now, which means new creative tools and animation libraries are being regularly released or updated. We use a mix of resources such as BLYSK, GSAP and CreateJS. Think Parallax Parallax websites have multiple layers, with the background layer moving slower than the foreground layer, generating the illusion of depth and a sense of movement. Now visually stunning horizontal and vertically scrolling timelines, interactive journeys, storyboards, marketing messages, animations and editorials can be created for any website, delivering real ‘wow’ factor. The scrolling direction is controlled by mouse, with actions such as pop-up panels, video, sound-effects and animations being triggered automatically at keypoints along the direction of travel. Created using the latest HTML coding techniques, a parallax infographic can include anchored links to specific sections and social network integration. Ouno Creative have developed some state-of-the-art parallax interactive infographics for global clients. They are not live yet, but ask us and we’ll give you a sneek peek. Once you’ve seen what can be achieved, you’ll want one. Think Ouno Creative Our team have been producing animations and infographics for the web for years. We produce regular infographic-rich pages for the Farnborough International Airshow FIRST emag. For the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories space division (RAL Space) we have produced a great looking space mission timeline. For the STFC we have produced an infographic driven promotional website. For the AgustaWestland intranet we designed infographic content to demonstrate their sales and marketing successes globally. Think what we could be doing to enhance your website…

3D Infographics

3D multi-layered model designed for NASA megagraphic

3D modelling design with animated highlighted areas

3D modelling design with wireframe overlay

A full 3D model can really take your infographic to the next level. Add animation and interactivity to the 3D and bring the information to life in the most dramatic way. Ouno Creative can provide a full range of 3D modelling and animation services. Our CGI specialists Sam, Nicole and Harriet have backgrounds in game design, product visualisation and TV special effects. They can pretty much create anything you want from simple wireframes to beautiful high-quality rendered 3D models, products, logos and visualisations. 3D is perfect for creating infographics that require technical detail, such as a car or aircraft cutaway or exploded diagram. 3D can also be used to recreate the past in a photorealistic way. From a reconstruction of a Roman villa or medieval castle  to recreating an entire animated historical scene, 3D is the way to go. If you want to visualise the future – for instance a future mission to Mars, a new concept car, the latest deveopments in biotechnology and so forth, then once again 3D is a really powerful medium. Ouno Creative used 3D to create a detailed cutaway model of the X15 hypersonic rocket plane for a NASA educational poster, which won a prestigious Communicator Gold Award. We went on to make a short animation of the X15 rocket which used for presentations.

Prezi Power


Tullow Oil Prezi: Welcome scene with stylised text


Tullow Oil Prezi: Stylised map showing Tullow operation locations


eTask-it Prezi: Slide showing unique design chosen for eTask-it prezi

eTask-it Prezi: Simple graphics can help emphasize your message


Jablite Prezi: 3D text and drop shadow effects

Jablite Prezi: 3D effect bar chart


Dana Petroleum Prezi: Section heading using dana colours and styles


Dana Petroleum Prezi: 3D design and infographics

There are times when PowerPoint simply won’t cut the mustard – that’s where Prezi steps in. We have seen a big increase in demand for Prezis and animated infographics from clients who need a presentation that really stands out from the crowd. Each Prezi presentation is built using a huge canvas, onto which all the presentation elements such as texts, video, audio etc are placed. The Prezi builder then maps a route from element to element, with the viewpoint zooming and rotating as it transists from item to item. Thus ‘dynamic zooming’ livens up even the most mundane presentations. In the hands of a skilled user, a Prezi can deliver 3D style effects, hidden reveals, embedded video and more. Try it, you’ll love it and your audience will thank you for it. Prezi provides a dynamic way of presenting your animation that sets itself apart from the day to day presentations produced by using PowerPoint. Presentations can be supplied as both a standalone executable file for use offline or as a hosted link that can be shared publicly or privately, No extra software required!


Toyota sponsored this megagraphic which appeared in The Australian newspaper

A depiction of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race for The Australian newspaper

Illustrated megagraphic describing the Gallipoli campaign for Australian War Museum

Melbourne Cup horse race: This megagraphic is designed around one strong image

This megagraphic features 3D cutaways and was printed at AO size!

These popular large format posters are packed with well researched information and eye-catching images, infographics, charts, factoids, timelines and much more! Ouno Creative are experts in combining words, data, graphics and images into one visually powerful package which gives the viewer a ‘big picture’ overview. We use the entire spectrum of graphic techniques – from 3D visualisations to stunning photography to rich and detailed illustrations. Our talented design and editorial team work closely with you to bring the story you want to tell to life. The posters can carry sponsorship and advertising, which can offset costs or even make a profit. They are real quality pieces of merchandise and have a long ‘shelf’ life once placed on a wall. Included in magazines or newspapers they are proven to boost circulation. Ideal for sectors such as education, technology and engineering, museums and exhibitions, commemorative events.

Touchscreen Infographics

GKN Aerospace App: Interactive 3D engine model with rotation and hotspots

FIA 2014 Presentation App: Interactive infographics within a portable presentation app

Image not available

Touchscreen exhibition display for RAL Space. Consisted of touchscreen kiosk connected to ultra short throw HD projector

Touch screens technology is advancing at a rapid rate, as is the public uptake and familiarity with touchscreen interfaces. Touch screen kiosks displaying infographics are becoming common sights in exhibition centres, museums, shops and retail parks. Even some pub and restaurants now have touch screen menus. Touch screens break down into two size categories – small personal touch screens (e.g smart phones, tablets devices PCs) and larger display touch screens such as kiosks, advertising displays, touchscreen tables and wall displays. The larger size touch screens and touch tables can have a ‘multi-touch’ capability which enables more than one user to interact with the screen at any one time. In the world of touch screen, size really does count. The larger the screen the bigger the impact. For really BIG touch screens an image can be projected onto a surface that has a touchscreen created via infra red grids, SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) or thin capacitive foil overlays. These touch screen walls can look brilliant, especially in low-light conditions. If you are on a budget a good option is to purchase bulk standard monitors and upgrade them with touch screen overlay kits (usually capacitive film or infra red grids contained in clip frames). Key to providing a good touch-screen infographic experience for users is producing well designed content. Ouno Creative can really deliver for our clients in this area. We have experience producing cutting-edge interactive content for smart phones, tablets (iPad, Android and Kindlefire), PCs and Kiosks, large touch screen monitors and for projected graphics. We began creating our first interactive content and animated infographics using Flash, and then graduated to creating touch screen apps for iPad and Android tablets. We’ve produced tablet based magazines, exhibition displays, shopping/retail experience, brochures, catalogues and story/narratives. Visit our dedicated tablet app website http://folioapp.co.uk/ for more information. For GKN Aerospace we delivered an interactive 360 animation of a jet engine that was run on an 80 inch display screen. For RAL Space we developed an HTML based dynamically scaling interactive brochure detailing the entire scope of the organisations pioneering space research. It included interactive timelines, videos, slideshows, scrolling texts and more. As it was created with HTML the interactive brochure was viewable on websites, tablet devices and smartphones. It was housed in a variety of kiosks and could be projected onto very large screens via an HD ultra short throw projector. Infographics and touch screens are a natural fit. in fact, they are made for each other. Right now our studio is developing a huge infographic driven marketing campaign for Farnborough Airshow 2016 which will have power facts and data displayed on touch screens from tablet size right up to entire video walls. It’s going to deliver a barrage of hard-hitting commercial messages in a visually stunning way.